2.1.5 Release Notes: 23/11/22

We're pleased to present our latest release to all CultureAI customers.

Improvements to the CultureAI platform

  1. Improvements to Change Over Time Chart
    Since introducing our detailed tooltip on the Change Over Time chart on your overview dashboard, we have realised the positioning of the wording in relation to the data was not clear. Previously we were showing scores over time inside the 'people behaving insecurely' category, which was understandably confusing. We now show the amount of people behaving insecurely for each risk that, when aggregated, count up to the total amount of employees in the main metric.
  2. UX improvement on Secure Words
    The Secure Words page on data sources that capture PII (MS Teams, Slack, Workplace, Google Drive) used to have a large amount of configuration buttons within the tables. To solve this, these have now been neatly compiled into a dropdown options menu for each row.
  3. Secure pattern PII Detection improvement
    Ongoing improvements to bolster PII detection accuracy.
  4. Wording improvements
    Improved copy throughout the platform



  • Some customers' access to Triage was temperamental, with error messages appearing.
  • Reporting plugin occasionally crashing on Outlook for Mac OS
  • Cases requiring triaging showing as great than visible in the table
  • Event log filters and search weren't filtering through tables on user audit log pages
  • Email previews not showing for managed service customers