2.0.1 Release Notes: 26/07/2022

Updates from the latest release of the CultureAI platform

Monitor Risk:

    • Intelligence Sources are renamed 'Data Sources' and can be found under a new tab, 'Monitor' > 'Configure'
  • New Chrome Extension:
    • CultureAI is delighted to announce a new capability which allows customers to discover corporate users who are logging into unknown or unapproved SaaS sites.
    • Use this capability to identify:
      • Credential re-use between SaaS apps
      • Credential sharing between different corporate users
      • Shadow IT: Logins to unknown or unapproved SaaS applications
    • Setup: Go to ‘Intelligence Sources’, select ‘Chrome’ and follow the wizard to get set up. After setup, you can review the new risk insights under ‘Human Risk Insights’ > ‘Software Usage’ as well as under 'Security Behaviours'
    • Pre-requisites:
      • Access and permissions to deploy Chrome Browser Add-in to all corporate users, usually via Google Workspace or Chrome 

Reduce Risk:

  • New Overview page - recently released to our platform, Overview now includes trends over time for specific Human Risk, Coaching and Automation insights.

  • New Coach page redesign:
    • New 'Education' tab:
      • Review training under 'Modules': assign training to groups, set availability of modules, set required status, toggle modules on or off and easily view participation statistics, as well as open training preview.
      • Policies - New three-step policy wizard available by clicking 'Create', enable policies upon creation, edit policies.
    • New 'Nudges' tab:
      CultureAI believes the most effective shifts in awareness come in the moments after a particular behaviour happens:
      • Toggle on/off context-specific Just-in-Time training for both Email phishing and MFA phishing
      • Customise real-time nudges to end users following any behaviour monitored by CultureAI. Nudges delivered by email, Slack and/or Teams.
Respond to Risk:
  • ‘Respond’ tab is now called ‘Triage’
  • Added Export buttons within the event log of all Security Behaviours 

Quality of Life updates:

  • Welcome emails have moved from Coach pop-out sidebar to Settings cog > Access Management. You can now toggle on/off per user.
  • New optional delay to sending of Welcome Emails under Settings > Access Management > User Syncing
  • Some minor wording changes to the ‘Overview’ page and other parts of the CultureAI platform
  • Fixed encoding issues on some tables
  • Wording updates
  • Events now have a link to the incident in triage where its been raised


For more information, please email success@culture.ai