Configure Single Sign On with OKTA

Configure Single Sign On with OKTA (OpenID Connect)

Supported Features

The following features are supported:

  • Service Provider (SP)-Initiated Authentication (SSO) Flow

Okta Configuration Steps

In your OKTA control panel, select "Applications > Applications" from the side-menu and "Browse App Catalog" from the Applications screen.


Search for and add the CultureAI application:


In the application options, open the General Tab:


CultureAI Setup

  1. Head to the Single Sign On section in the Users and Access section of your dashboard
  2. Click the "Configure SSO" button and select "Okta"
  3. A new window should have popped up with the Okta set-up wizard
  4. Click "Continue" to enter your ID
  5. Follow the steps in the Wizard to set-up the CultureAI Okta app
  6. Click "Continue" to finish setting up your sync