CultureAI Administration Platform UI Enhancement

We have some exciting news: the CultureAI administrative platform is being updated on or shortly after Wednesday 4th October 2023

What's coming to the platform in the short term?

1) Meet your new Risks Dashboard

Firstly, we are thrilled to introduce your new Risks Dashboard. Upon logging in, you will be greeted by an all-new area that contains a comprehensive overview of the risk in your organisation.

2) Experience the improved navigation and user interface

Although most of the platform (including reports, data sources and general configurations) will be unchanged in functionality, they will be housed in a new easy-to-use navigation. The navigation improvements have been implemented with a fresh look and feel for the entire platform envisaged by CultureAI's dedicated UX Team.

What's happening with the Overview Dashboard?

Your existing dashboard is being retired in favour of the new Risks Dashboard. The current dashboard operates largely as launchpad to various parts of the platform including the Behaviour overview, Coaching area, Interventions page and Data Sources.
The new Risks Dashboard will have a greater purpose by immediately surfacing risks within your organisation. This means that data will be more accessible and prevalent. The 'Security Behaviour Over Time' trend chart will be retired as a part of this migration, but trend charts can still be created in Reports.

What is the Risks Dashboard?

In comparison to the existing 'Issues ' page , the new Dashboard will provide a clear and comprehensive overview of the risks within your organisation. It will make it easier to identify and prioritise areas that require attention by highlighting the most critical risks. By delving into individual risks, you can determine the potential Automated Interventions that can help mitigate these risks in the future. Additionally, you will still have the ability to manually triage potential risks directly from the dashboard.

What does this mean for the Issues page and Case Management System?

The 'Issues' page is being absorbed by the new Risks page as we see them as one and the same . A risk to your organisation is essentially an issue that requires attention and resolution. This can be achieved through automated interventions, manual processes, or employee action. All the features and functionality that you currently utilise in the Issues page will now be accessible in the new Risks Dashboard, providing enhanced context and improved visibility.
Following are examples of Risks and how to view / triage these risks: accounts involved in a data breach and email phishing reports.

Navigating to your data sources/integrations and configurations

Navigate to the 'cog' image top right of the new home page UI and you will be taken to the familiar Data Management section where you can manage and view your current configurations.



What will stay the same?

Don't panic, a lot will stay the same. It might feel like a slight shift at first, but you'll find that most pages that you use regularly will be largely unchanged. This will not affect your employees (e.g. the Security Centre).  All areas of the platform are undergoing minor UI improvements including new fonts, colours, iconography, and components. However, the main sections outlined below will remain unchanged in terms of usability:
  • People
  • SaaS
  • Behaviour pages and insights tables
  • Compliance
  • Engagement
  • Educate
  • Security Notifications
  • Gamify
  • Reward
  • Interventions
  • Reports
  • Data Sources Configurations
  • Setup


If you have any further queries or need any guidance once this is live please raise a support ticket to for the Customer Support team to assist.