Cyber Score App

How to download and use the Cyberscore App

CultureAI offers a free service for securing and working on security behaviours outside of the working world. CyberScore is an app that can be downloaded onto personal devices. 

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Upon download by the employee, they can then choose to link their CyberScore app to their CultureAI employee account. Or, they can choose to leave it un-linked and the CyberScore app will offer lightweight breach detection for personal email addresses using HIBP (Have I been Pwned) data. 

If the employee allows for a connection to be established, they will receive a premium version of the CyberScore app at no charge, allowing for admins of the CultureAI platform to see not just when corporate email addresses are involved in breaches, but also personal addresses too.

This is a great way to offer extra protection to your employees that goes beyond their working life.

Cyberscore is available on: