Configure Policies and Training Modules

How to configure your Policies and Modules to suit your internal standards


  1. Login to your CultureAI admin dashboard
  2. Click on the 'Coaching' button at the top of your dashboard
  3. Select either your Policies, or Awareness Training tab (the process is the same for both!) 

We have quite a few options so we'll run through each of them as follows:
  • The 'Audience' section allows you to choose who you'd like to see the training or policy
  • You can select certain groups, or leave those boxes blank, this means all your employees will be able to view them
  • The 'Available From' section lets you choose when employees will be able to view them on their Security Centre
    You can select 'immediately' or, if you'd like them to become available on a certain date, you can choose that here
  • The 'Required Status' section is where you configure when the policies or training will be due, and, if they're required, recommended, or optional
  • Clicking on one will show you the options you have for due dates
  • You can set these to be completed on a repeating schedule, or, just once
  • In the last sections, you can choose how many credits your employees will receive upon completing the training or accepting the policy, and you can toggle to determine if the policy is active or not
  • If you're happy with your settings, click the 'Status' button to toggle it on. It will show grey if it's not active, and green if it's active and live. You can always come back and switch it on later.
  • You're done!