Phishing Email Forwarding

Forward phishing report emails to CultureAI

If you are using another software to monitor phishing reports, such as Proofpoint or Mimecast, you are able to integrate these reports with CultureAI. 

This is called 'Email Forwarding'.

If requested, we will set up an email address that you can forward emails to. These will then be uploaded into your CultureAI, similar to phishing reports made through the CultureAI reporting button.

We will need a copy of the email that is sent via your chosen reporting button, as we need to ensure it has the correct information and formatting to be compatible with CultureAI. When requesting a forwarding email, please attach an EML file withy your request.

You can either manually forward emails to the address that we create for you, or, you can create a forwarding rule within another reporting software (Mimecast, Proofpoint etc). Before requesting this, you will need to check if your used reporting button allows for forwarding rules to be added into their flow.

This isn't an ideal set up, and there are some important caveats to take note of;

  • Depending on what sort of email alert your current reporting button generates, we may not get full context of the reported email. This means that wouldn't be able to differ between phishing simulations and real potential phishing emails
  • Some reporting button alerts won't have the context or format that we require to work with our forwarding system. If you want to set up email forwarding, check with support to ensure this would be a viable option
  • You're likely to not get as much context about the email itself, such as metadata, screenshots and links 
  • If the reporting button you use also scans any links (Microsoft's reporting button is known to do this, for example), this scanning could register as a click in CultureAI, even though the employee hasn't clicked on the link

Email forwarding works best if you only want pure metrics on how many people have reported emails. If you're looking for full context and triaging abilities with CultureAI, using our own reporting button is the best way forward.

You can have both the CultureAI reporting button, and email forwarding set up at the same time. You can use both if you'd like!

If you would like us to create a forwarding email for you, please get in touch with our support team via