Sync Employees from Google

Sync Employees from your Google Directory

  1. Log in to your CultureAI admin dashboard
  2. Click on the cog at the top of your page
  3. Click on "Users and Access"
  4. Click "User Syncing"
  5. Click "Add Source of Users"
  6. Select "Google (Directory)"
  7. A new window will pop up will a wizard to take you through syncing Google
  8. Enter the domain you want to sync
    If the Org Units you want to sync are under a Secondary Domain, please put the Secondary Domain in to sync. If you put in the Primary Domain, your users will not sync correctly
  9. You can also filter out any Organisational Units here, if you leave these boxes blank, all your users will be synced over
  10. Click "Continue"
  11. You will now be directed to Google to authenticate the connection
  12. Once the authentication has finished, you're done! Your users will start syncing to CultureAI