Uploading Security Policies

How to upload your security policies to CultureAI


  1. Login to your CultureAI admin dashboard
  2. Click on the 'Coaching' button at the top of your dashboard
  3. Press the 'Security Policies' tab
  4. Click the 'Create Policy' button
  5. A new window should have now popped up
  6. Here you can fill out the name of your policy and the description. These will be seen by your employees, so ensure they are clear and understandable
  7. Once that's done, you can upload your policy document by clicking the blue folder icon
  8. Now press the 'Create Policy' button
  9. Your policy has been created!

Security Centre

This is how your new policy will look to your employees on their Security Centre

It can also be viewed by clicking on the 'Responsibilities' tab on the 'Learn' section of their dashboard.