Users Access Levels

What the different access levels you can apply to users mean

There are four levels of access you can give your employees or platform administrators. End User Security Centre, Platform Viewer, Platform Editor and Platform Admin.

Below is a broad overview of what each user will have access to within your CultureAI dashboard.

Please note that the ability to download attachments from reported emails is limited to platform admins only.

Security Centre End User

Employees with this level of access are only able to view their own Security Centre, they are not able to access the administration dashboard at all. They will usually gain access to the Security Centre via a link that looks like this one: (If you have a custom domain, yours may look a little different).

This Access Level will be used for the employees that you're monitoring within CultureAI. 


Platform Viewer

These users are able to access the End User Security Centre and the Monitoring section of your dashboard.

They will be able to close Triage cases and view stats and data present within the monitoring section.                                                                                                                                       They will not be able to access any configuration settings or make any changes to your CultureAI set-up.


Platform Editor

These users are able to access every area of the dashboard, besides the configuration section. 

They will be able to enable integrations and change alter settings in every other part of the dashboard.


Platform Admin

This gives full-level access to the platform.  These administrators can alter all settings and view every page on the admin dashboard. They can also download attachments from reported emails, only platform admins can do this.

This level of administration is best if you want an admin to have complete access to the platform to make changes and set up new administrators or employees as needed.