Using an IDP with CultureAI

How CultureAI interacts with SSO software

Many companies will use IDP software to configure SSO for employee access. 

An identity provider (IDP) is a service that stores and verifies user identity. IDPs are typically cloud-hosted services, such as Google, OKTA, and OneLogin.

You can enable your SSO in the dashboard by following the steps below.

Good to know

At the moment, CultureAI does not support IDP initiated login. This means that if you click on the CultureAI symbol on your SSO software's dashboard, you will receive a failed login message when the page loads.

You will need to enter the URL of the Admin dashboard, or Security Centre into your address bar. This will take you through your SSO process and allow you to access the dashboard.


  1. Log in to your CultureAI dashboard as a Platform Admin
  2. Click on the Configuration cog on your sidebar
  3. Press 'Users and Access'
  4.  Click 'Single Sign-on'
  5. Press 'Configure SSO'
  6. Select the SSO that you'd like to enable and follow the steps that appear on screen