Enabling the Google Chat Integration

How to enable Google Chat with CultureAI

You can enable Google Chat within CultureAI to send out security notifications to your employees.

This feature is ideal for creating a Google Space for teams that monitor security events or employee training. Give you the ability to create an all-in-one place for users to view and monitor events without having to leave their Google Space.


Requirements & Permissions

  • A Google Chat account with Administrative privileges
  • A Platform Admin account in CultureAI


There a two stages to enabling Google Chat, first you will need to add CultureAI to your Google Chat. The second stage involves adding the CultureAI bot to the spaces you'd like it to sit.

  1. Login to your CultureAI admin dashboard 
  2. Click on 'Data Sources' along your sidebar
  3. Press the 'Google Chat' tab
  4. Click the red 'Enable' button

    A new window will pop up with the steps you need to take to add CultureAI to your Google Chat
  5. Follow though these steps, you can hover over the camera icon to see screenshots of what you should see in your Google Console
  6. Once you've finished those steps, click the green 'Open now' button
  7. This will direct you to a new page, where you will grant CultureAI permission to access your Google Chat
  8. Read through the permissions, and click 'Allow'
  9. You should be redirected to CultureAI, and the red enable button, should now be green

Adding the bot to your Spaces

Now that you've enabled CultureAI to access your Google Chat, you will need to show it which channels you'd like it to sit in.

This is done via the use of webhooks, we'll go over how to set these up.

  1. Head to your Google Chat
  2. Click on the Space you'd like to add the CultureAI bot to
  3. Click the drop down name of the Space at the top of page
  4. Select 'Apps and integrations' 
  5. Select the 'Manage webhooks' button

    A new window should pop up with your webhooks for the Space, if you have any set up already
  6. Click the 'Add another' button
  7. A new section will appear where you can enter the Bot's name, and add a logo for the bot
    If you'd like to use the CultureAI logo, please copy the link here and enter this into the Avatar URL field
  8. Hit 'Save'
  9. Click the copy icon to copy the webhook URL, you will need this in a moment
  10. Head back to your CultureAI Google Chat page
  11. Click the 'Add Webhook' button
    A new window will pop up where you can enter your webhook details
  12. Enter the Name field as the Space that you've created this webhook for
    Once you enter this name, it cannot be edited, so ensure that it's easily identifiable
  13. Paste the Webhook URL that you copied from Google Chat
  14. Click 'Save'
  15. You're done! You can now configure the Google Chat bot with your Security Notifications, to send messages into the space you've selected.
    To view our guide on how to configure Security Notifications, please click here