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Set DNS for custom employee portal with another provider

How to configure DNS to enable custom domain usage with CultureAI Security Centre

Setting up a custom URL for your employees to access the CultureAI security centre can be achieved by creating a CNAME record that points a subdomain to securitycentre.culture.ai. This guide walks through the steps required to set this up. 

Setting up a custom Security Centre URL

1. Choose your sub-domain 

Choose a the sub-domain you want your employees to use to access security centre. Please click here to see our guide on this.  In this example we will use the sub-domain 'examplesub'. Your users will be able to access the security centre at:


2. Log into your DNS provider

Log into the DNS provider where you manage your domains DNS records.

3. Create a new CNAME record

Create a new CNAME record with your subdomain examplesub.yourdomain.com 

Point your subdomain to securitycentre.culture.ai using the following settings:

  • Type: CNAME
  • Name / Subdomain: [your chosen subdomain (i.e. examplesub)]
  • Target / Value: securitycentre.culture.ai
  • TTL 300 seconds (or any other non-zero value)

Ensure that you point your subdomain to securitycentre.culture.ai, failing to do this can cause a DNS error when you try to access your security centre

4. Create a second record

Create a second record to insert your CNAME values from the CultureAI dashboard

  • Name: CNAME value from the CultureAI dashboard
  • Value: CVALUE value from the CultureAI dashboard

5. Browse to https://securitycentre.yourdomain.com

You should now be able to browse to your custom domain. Please note that this can take up to 12 hours to verify fully.

If you have any issues with verifying your domain, please contact support via success@cutlure.ai for further help.